Simple Steps For Better Health


Sample Concepts From The Move Book

Walking deficiency is more common than most people think.


Walking can be a powerlifting exercise.


More walking can create substantial weight loss.


Step 1: Move Book Description

Dr. Haggard used to think movement and walking were just healthy activities, that people could choose or not choose to do. However now, he presents strong evidence that specific amounts of movement and walking are required for people to be healthy. If you don’t currently move and walk enough, correcting these deficiencies can dramatically change your life! The most common public health issues could be improved, or solved, if people simply moved and walked more. Moving and walking more can significantly improve being overweight, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, diabetes, depression, anxiety and sleep, all which costs our country billions of dollars every year. Peoples’ ever-growing dependence on pharmaceutical drugs isn’t the best answer to these public health problems, but moving and walking more are. Don’t wait! Use the assessments in this book to determine the best ways to start moving and walking more today with the unintimidating, scientifically-based, step-by-step movement and walking solutions in this book.

Sample Concepts From The Nourish Book

Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency (affecting more than 2 billion people). Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is the 6th highest dietary cause of death in America.


Chicken isn’t the healthiest meat choice. Compared to other meats, it is low in iron (which is the reason it is white) and omega-3 fatty acids.


Americans should eat more lamb. It has about 4 times the iron of chicken and 8 times the omega-3 fatty acids.


Step 2: Nourish Book Description

Imagine you live in a community of people where there are no doctors, pharmacists or dentists, because no one needed one. It happened less than a century ago, in multiple places on the planet, and this book provides you with simple steps to help recreate it. The primary concept of this book: If a diet consistently results in jaw deformities, irregular position of teeth, tooth decay or gum disease, without orthodontic or dental hygiene interventions, and is a precursor for diabetes, obesity and coronary heart disease, it is not an optimal human diet. The diet presented in Nudge Your Health, Step 2: Nourish is a Paleo, low carb and high-fat diet that promotes the most nutritious vegetables, fruits and animal products. Many view eating for good health as an on and off switch, either they are on a diet or off a diet. Rather than offering a strict and rigid diet, Nudge Your Health, Step 2: Nourish, seeks to meet people where they are at and encourages them to do just a little bit of action each day to be healthier, such as make and enjoy one healthy recipe each day.

Dr. Jesse Haggard

A Unique Background

Jesse Sage Haggard, NMD, is a third-generation, functional medicine practitioner trained in evolutionary biology, pharmacology, chiropractic biophysics and naturopathic medicine. Also, he was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and has a long history of helping people transform into fit and strong minds and bodies. After working with thousands of patients over the years, Dr. Haggard found better success with helping people live healthier lifestyles with gentle and gradual changes. This success inspired him to create and write the Nudge Your Health program and books.  

Using Different Words for Health

Dr. Haggard noticed many jargon words typically used in the medical field are met with negative connotations by people. This is the reason he uses more simple words. Instead of "exercise," he utilizes "move." Rather than use "diet," he suggests "nourish." These words tend to be more positively received by people.

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